Students Interested Told Plan Details at Meeting

Answering the call issued recently by Greater Boston hospitals, the Massachusetts General in particular, for students to volunteer as orderlies, 70 students have already made known their intention of helping out and these, together with others interested in the work, attended a meeting in the Adams House Common Room last night.

The work was described as mostly desk jobs, and routine ward work, for which manpower is sadly lacking, but as highly valuable experience for medical careers in the future inasmuch as the volunteers can see the inside of a hospital, and how it works.

Pre-Med Men Working

Many pre-medical students are taking advantage of the plan, but men who are not involved in the war effort in any other way are doing their part by serving in the hospitals under this scheme.

The announced quota for the University was 50, but before a week was up at least 70 men had turned in their names, and many started work right away. Although the showing has been larger than was hoped for, more are still needed by the hospitals, and all interested were urged last night to find out the details of the plan, and to associate themselves with it.