May 6 has been definitely set as the date of the Freshman Smoker this year, the Smoker Committee announced yesterday. The date, and the fact that the Smoker will be held, are the only certain facts on the 1945 edition of the annual Yardling stag fete.

Plans for the Smoker are moving ahead despite early rumors that, because of the cost, none would be held this year, and later suggestions that outside entertainers be omitted. This year's show will probably follow the same risque pattern as those of former years, but, according to Chairman Richard F. McCarthy '45, an attempt will be made to put it in a form "more fitting for these times."

Last year's extravaganza boasted wrestling, trio singing, Ed Sullivan as M.C., blonde Yvette's singing, and provocative remarks on topics of general interest by a Miss Sally Rand. An abortive attempt at a riot after the show was dismally squelched.