Yardling Track and Tennis Teams Face Eli Here Today

An unforeseen scholastic jolt enabled Yale's Freshman golf team to upset the previously unbeaten Yardling linkmen 5 to 4 yesterday at Belmont Country Club. But the Eli linkmen were only the vanguard of a Bulldog Cub invasion, for Yale's Freshman track and tennis teams are in town today on the Crimson racqueteers and runners.

The sudden announcement that Bill Rowe, number six player for the Crimson, had been placed on probation threw Coach Don Peddle into a hole. Rowe's replacement, Fairfield Goodale, turned in a creditable performance in losing 3 and 2. Tyke Wilcox and Captain Foster Boardman maintained their undefeated rating in their last match, but George Nyo fell for the first time.

Tough Best-Ball Loss

Also aiding the Yale victory was a tough 2-up best-ball doubles loss suffered by Boardman and Dan Friedman, who had split their singles matches by identical scores.

As a tuneup for the Yale match, the Freshman tennis team lost 5 to 4 to a very good Exeter squad yesterday. Yardling John Zinsser pulled a great upset in downing Oliver Moses, interscholastic champion who had never before been beaten.