English and Latin Speeches To Be Delivered on June 11

A competition among Seniors graduating with honors was culminated this week by the selection of Jacob M. Duker, Cornelius A. Wood, and Howard G. Hageman as the three speakers to deliver the annual commencement parts at the final exercises on June 11.

The three addresses are a traditional part of exercises each year, and are being retained despite the necessarily curtailed program.

Hageman Speaks Latin

Duker, of Pittsfield and Leverett House, came to Harvard as a transfer from the University of Wisconsin. Wood, of Andover and Leverett House, prepared at his home town school, Phillips Andover. These two will deliver the English parts, while the Latin salutatory will be given by Hageman, of Albany and Eliot House. Hageman came to Harvard from Albany Academy and is a member of Phi Beta Kappa.

The Selection Committee for the deliverers of the parts, made up of the same four men as last year's, was designed to include all approaches to the choice. It included George H. Chase, Dean of the University, Arthur S. Peace, professor of Latin, Frederick C. Packard, Jr., associate professor of Public Speaking, and Frank W. C. Hersey, faculty instructor in English.