Holy Cross Curve Hurler Puzzles Crimson Sluggers

Franklin S. Billings, Jr. '44 of Winthrop House and Woodstock, Vermont, was yesterday named Varsity baseball manager for 1943 and Irving Barkan of Leverett House and Cleveland Heights, Ohio, named Associate Manager.

Holy Cross benched its ablest pitcher, Ernie Ford, and turned to curve-ball specialist Ed Murphy to halt the Crimson last Saturday at Worcester. Murphy not only stopped the Varsity nine cold but shut them out for the first time this year with a decisive 9-0 victory.

Holding the Crimson to four scattered hits, the Crusaders accumulated 13 bingles off Captain Lou Clay to extend their winning streak over the visitors. Not since 1939, when the Varsity won a 12-inning affair, has the Harvard team beaten Holy Cross in Cambridge and not since 1934 at Worcester.

Harvey Hits Twice

Bart Harvey knocked out half the squad's hits, totaling two for four times at the plate. Ned Fitzgibbons and Clay collected the Crimson's other two singles. For the Purple, catcher Buster Mills hit four for four and center fielder Johnny Bezemes slammed a two-run homer in the fifth.

In the field the Crimson was far below par with misplays by Ed Buckley, Gil Whittemore, and Mort Waldstein. But sloppy support was only half Clay's worry, for Murphy kept the Harvard hitters mystified and well under control.