Ten Appointments Made To 1942-43 Athletic Council

7, Major, 3 Minor Sports Represented

Ten appointments to the 1942-43 Undergraduate Athletic Council were announced last night by the current committee. These names plus three representatives of the Houses will be approved by the Athletic Committee next Monday.

Voted to the Council as delegates from the major sports were William Barnes, III '43 of football; David P. Boynton '43 of crew; George M. Burditt, Jr. '44 of basketball; C. Thompson Cowen '44 of hockey; Darcy Curwen '43 of swimming; F. Barton Harvey, Jr. '43 of baseball; and John R. Shattuck '44 of track.

To represent the minor sports Oliver F. Ames '43 of golf; E. Thayer Drake, III '44 of soccer; and Thomas Matters '43 of tennis were elected to the Council.

This week three additional members from the Houses will be selected rounding out the Council to its full strength of thirteen undergraduates. After the group is complete, the Athletic Committee including William J. Bingham '16, Faculty members, alumni, and three undergraduates will vote on the proposed council.

The Undergraduate Council will then choose officers from among its members and send three to represent it on the senior committee. Already two of those three have been nominated in Ames and Curwen.