Varsity, J. V. 150's Row To Dead Heat in Trial

Surging into the finish stroke for stroke, the Varsity and Junior Varsity 150 pound crews rowed a dead heat over the Henley yesterday afternoon. The trial was the last one of the season scheduled by Coach Bert Haines, but if he hoped it would prove which of his two shells was superior, he was sadly disappointed.

Frank Cunningham's Jayvees jumped the Varsity by a half length at the start and extended this margin by another quarter before the race was half over. Captain Bobby Lincoln's Varsity began to make up the deficit from the mile mark on, as the rough water hindered both crews in raising the stroke. Over the last twenty strokes the bows were exactly even, and as both strokes were catching at the same time, the relative positions of the two shells never changed as they drove to an exciting, if inconclusive finish.