Still smarting from last Saturday's 9-3 drubbing by Holy Cross, the Freshman nine will try for its fifth win of the season this afternoon when it faces Huntington School at 4 o'clock on Soldiers Field.

The prep-school status of Huntington doesn't mean that the game will be any push-over, however, for Coach Adolf Samborski warned that the visiting team has had an excellent season, and boasts two fiery pitchers and a string of heavy sluggers.

Scheduled to start on the mound, Bud Mains, the Yardling fast-ball artist, will try to repeat the sixteenth inning victory he scored over North-eastern last week. To cap his hurling marathon, he knocked out five hits that afternoon, winning his own ball-game with a clean single.

The lineup in the other positions will remain the same as started against Holy Cross.