Coaches, Captains Meet at Annual Varsity Club Lunch

Predicting a banner season for football next fall, Dick Harlow, at the annual luncheon of the Varsity Club, said "We are entering an era of attack. Next fall will see a good deal of high scoring, and a lot of gambling; the passing is going to be wide open." Although unwilling to speculate on the chances for the team next fall, Harlow said that everything was shaping up well in practice so far.

Stahl Praises Ball Team

Floyd Stahl, next speaker, praised the work of the baseball team so far this year, and especially the work of Bart Harvey, Bill Barnes and Ed Fitzgibbons, all of them he ranked as top notch players. As typical of what he called "the will to work" he mentioned Bill Hausserman, who has been working steadily and consistently to better his playing.

The team Stahl said, is looking forward greatly to the Columbia game tomorrow because a win in this important game will mean for better chances in the approaching double headers with Dartmouth and Cornell.

Crew is Fast

This year's crew is "the fastest in some time," Tom Bolles claimed, and if the Varsity eight sweeps Navy off the water in the race for the Adams cup, it "will be as good as last year's boat" which had an undefeated season all round.

Speaking of the track team, Jaskko Mikkola called it a "singing team full of pep, with plenty of spirit." In the cancellation of the Dartmouth meet he saw a blow to the team, however because the men cannot be kept in a state of psychological suspense for long. "It is not a team of stars," he said, "but it has great endurance and strength."

Presiding at this annual spring meeting was Richard C. Floyd '10, president of the club. It was attended by all the coaches and captains of the various teams.