Ten Nominees In Election For Summer Term Positions

Election of two Sophomores to the Student Council will finally get under way tomorrow with the Class of '45 choosing from among ten candidates. The list of nominees, chosen by the Nominating Committee under Don McNicol '43, was not increased by any petitioned candidates, and was reduced by the withdrawal of Paul F. Perkins, who is not at the summer session.

Polling places will be at all House dining halls, besides Sever and Harvard Halls, and balloting will continue through today and tomorrow. Sophomores will be voting for men to represent them on the Council until the end of the summer, when terms will close.

The list of Sophomore nominees follows:

Hugh Calkins

Oliver Dwight Filley

George Robert Hooper

Thomas Victor Keene, Jr.

James Edmund-McNulty

Richard Watson Mechem

Thomas Richard Nunan

Whitson M. Overcash, Jr.

Armand Schwab, Jr.

Andrew Howell Wright