Tonight's Lecture to Deal With Future of Synthetics

An illustrated public lecture by Dr. Howard I. Cramer of the Sharples Chemical Company, on the rubber situation and the future of synthetic products will highlight the mid-week lecture program of the Summer School.

Speaking in New Lecture Hall tonight at 8 o'clock, Dr. Cramer will survey the entire rubber problem in non-technical terms, and after discussing the prospects for the production of natural rubber within Allied territory, will outline some of the processes for the large-scale production of synthetic rubber.

Civilians May Lack Rubber Until '45

Since it is Dr. Cramer's opinion that if the war continues to block the outside resources, of rubber there will be none available for civilian uses until 1945, this popular lecture should appeal to the layman as well as the scientist.

After his lecture Cramer will exhibit samples of the synthetic product and answer questions from the floor. The lecture, which is open to the public, is under the auspices of the Boston and Cambridge Branch of the American Association of Scientific Workers and the Summer School office.