To Be Or Not To Be

With the majority of Juniors becoming Seniors in September and graduating in May, the proposed Junior-Senior combination album provides an excellent solution to an unpleasant dilemma. Containing a comprehensive survey of university activities together with biographies and pictures of both classes, the expanded album will give '44 a certain class book, whose publication next May would be imperiled in many ways.

Over and above the difficulty of procuring needed materials that are already disappearing from the war-time-market, a delayed, independent '44 class book would have to face the problem of rapidly disintegrating constituency. For should the class dwindle further under the fire of draft boards, the financial prospects of this second Album would have to fade proportionately. Moreover, changes in requirements for degrees, along with the variations produced by innumerable reserve schemes mean even greater divergences in the dates of graduation--and thus make any true distinction between Junior and Senior classes virtually impossible.

Dogged by added work and uncertain tenure, the class of '44 must make a decision in which time is the vital element. For the many Juniors already or soon to be caught before graduation by the draft, the Album will be available in February rather than June. Thus a war-torn class can still emerge with a class book. And a class book, even a joint effort such as this, is far better than none at all.