Program to Begin At 11 in Sanders

Wearing white uniforms and, for the first time, full insignia, more than 500 student officers of the Naval Training School, Indoctrination, will gather at Sanders Theatre this morning at 11 o'clock for their graduation ceremony.

Representing every state in the Union, the men will receive certificates of course completion from Rear Admiral Wilson Brown, Jr., Commandant of the First Naval District, who is also the main speaker. Two radio singers, Conrad Thibeault and Vivean dela Cheza, will also be present to lead the singing of The Star Spangled Banner, and at 11 o'clock, 15 minutes of the ceremony will be broadcast over station WHDH.

Get Course Credits

The certificates to be presented to the student officers will credit them with satisfactory courses in the elements of seamanship, navigation, and naval history. Although the class will scatter widely to take up active duty or enter other technical schools all over the country the largest group will remain at the University where 125 men are to enter the Communications School for five months of intensive training.

Wednesday afternoon 800 officers of the Naval Training Schools at Harvard, including the 500 who will graduate this morning, participated in their final drill on Soldiers Field as they were reviewed for the first time by Captain George N. Barker, commanding officer of the Harvard Training Schools.

After the execution of the regimental review, the smartly marching men were complimented for their precision by Captain Barker and by Commander C. A. Macgowan, officer in charge of the Indoctrination and Communication Schools. Company Five was adjudged the best marching unit by officials in the reviewing stand in a special competition among the closely-matched companies.

Following the review, a statue, "The Spirit of Massasoit," was presented to Harvard in "the interest of good marks," by the 800 trainees.