Busy Board Will Open Competition for '45, '46

Get-Together for Candidates Scheduled Tomorrow Night

Although the working part of the competition does not begin until the Fall Term, Freshman and Sophomore aspirants for the CRIMSON Business Board will meet tomorrow night at 7:30 o'clock at 14 Plymptom Street to leave their names and get acquainted with each other and with the editors.

While the News Board maintains that it writes the paper, with some assistance from the Editorial Board, everyone knows that the Busy Board makes it all possible. Candidates will spend their time at the regular duties of a Business editor, soliciting ads, and learning the routine of business work on a newspaper.

Subscription Drive

Those who begin this competition can get a head start by selling subscriptions to students as they register after September 25. With the beginning of the College year they will run through a competition lasting approximately six to eight weeks.

Fields tapped by the Busy Board include the Square, and even stores, theatres, and institutions of greater Boston.

Not only is this an opportunity for Freshmen and Sophomores to learn the town, but also to acquire invaluable techniques in business and selling.