Conferences for discussion of postwar problems and active aid in rehabilitation of European universities through donations of books and other means are among the international plans for the future of the International Student Assembly. War service information will be exchanged by members of the organization in this country, Thomas Matters '43 said.

Matters, president of the Student Council and newly-elected chairman of the ISA in the United States, stated that plans were still in an incomplete state but that conferences in the future, similar to the recent one in Washington, would probably be held each year.

Must Be Impartial

These conferences can be of great help in determining the stand of students from many countries on problems of policy important at the present time and in the post-war world.

"They should not be turned into pressure groups. They must be kept impartial and representative of international students," stated Matters.

The conference, representative of the 52 United Nations, had as its platform the defeat of the Axis, opening of a second front, reconsideration of the Indian question, and increased rights for minorities.