Varsity Squad Holds First Real Contact Session Today

Miller Will Assist Coaches with Line

A bit of contact work will be the order of the day this afternoon when Dick Harlow runs his Varsity football squad through the first real scrimmage of the season in an effort to determine better how his players react under fire.

Throughout the past week there have been a few short scrimmages each afternoon, for about ten minutes at a time, mostly between the Freshman candidates; but this afternoon's session will be the first body workout within the Varsity ranks.

Miller to Help Out

Vern Miller, start left tackle on last year's Varsity, was present at Soldiers Field yesterday and will continue to help out the regular coaching staff throughout the campaign. Still a little griped over his failure to secure entrance into the armed forces, Miller has applied for admission to the Law School. A few weeks ago there were rumors that he had been accepted by the Canadian Army, but the former tackle scotched those and said that, despite his taking off 15 pounds over the summer, "it was just no go."

Miller has received several coaching offers, but none has been exactly of the sort he wants. One job he has decided to accept, however, is that of writing a weekly column for the Boston Globe in which he will analyze the chances of the Crimson team every Sunday.

Vern had an optimistic were for the squad, and particularly for the tackle position. According to him, right tackle Russ Stannard is set for a banner year, while Stan Durwood and George Hibbard "should have no trouble handling the left tackle spot."

The first four days of practice have given indications that this year will see a change in Harvard grid tactics from the time-honored line bucks and off tackle smashes to a strong passing attack and a spectacular razzle dazzle type of play.

One explanation of this innovation is that for the first time in many campaigns Harlow is blessed with two good passers in the persons of Bill Wilson and Wayne Johnson and two proven pass receivers, Captain Don Forte and "Bull" Barnes.