It looks as though the freezing over of the Charles gave some 'Poon men a chance to reenact Harriet Beecher Stowe's Little Liza 'cross the ice with the rest of the this-side-of-the-river Harvard population filling in as the blood-hounds.

This all must have happened because some anonymous South Shore brains have recently come out with something that smells of Lampoon influence: The Business School Bugle. The editors of this weekly paper-waster have kept their identities well concealed, because, as they themselves boast, "(We are) disapproved by the President, but not by the Fellows of Harvard University."

The President's disapproval is no surprise. As they say themselves, "It's news when its news and dirt when it's dirty." Say, have you heard the one about the girl who wears this gown to teas ...?

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