NROTC Seniors Pass Three Days at Anti-Aircraft Base

Three days of training at an anti-aircraft station over Christmas vacation provided 19 Naval Sci Seniors with a war-time substitute for the three-week Caribbean cruise on which NROTC men got their practical experience before the outbreak of hostilities.

In addition to this group, 40 students visited the submarine base at New London over the holidays and were taken to sea in underwater craft.

While at the anti-aircraft station, the Crimson contingent learned to take apart and assemble all types of ack-ack guns as well as getting experience in firing them. They also won the commendation of the station's officers by piling out of bed one night to unload a shipment of ammunition.

Lieutenant Commander William B. Dortch led the ack-ackers, with Maynard M. Miller '43 serving as assistant cruise officer.

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