Poonster Uses Steam in Car, Calls Invention a Gas Saver

Cruft's contributions to the war effort took a temporary back seat yesterday to the one place in Harvard that was least likely to come forth with any patriotic achievements as the Lampoon's ex-Narthex, Harold T. Meryman '44 announced the conversion of his Model A Ford to steam locomotion.

Of course, the 'Poon's Rube Goldberg has yet to operate his steamobile, but he expects to drive it down here next weekend after completing the welding at his Dublin, N. H., home.

Although exact details are a military secret, Meryman did divulge that he expects his infernal machine to go 50 miles between re-waterings, but he is still uncertain as to its speed. However, he is supremely confident that it will be the practical solution to the gasoline shortage.