Eagles Will Tangle With Crimson

Students to 'Gather At Athletic Building

Serving as the last practice session for the Crimson rooters who may face numerically superior odds in the Stadium tomorrow, the 9 o'clock rally tonight will be held on the steps of the Indoor Athletic Building. The parade will leave the Dunster-Adams-Lowell triangle about 8:40 o'clock.

Chief guest speakers at the meeting will be Richard C. Floyd '11, president of the Varsity Club, and "Swede" Nelson, who played right half back on the 1919 team which trounced Boston College 17 to 0 in the only formal meeting between the two colleges.

Following these speakers and the introduction of team members, veteran Boston sportswriter George Carens will outline the facts of tomorrow's contest as he sees them from the columnists's point of view.

Coach Henry Lamar will fill his customary spot on the program, and several members of the team will be asked to speak briefly. Tradition will be more lustily upheld than it was last week, for the new location is better illuminated, permitting both band and cheering section to follow more closely the songs and cheers.