Hu Flung Huey Flings 'Em

SANDERS THEATRE, Nov. 19 (VP)--"Shea, I really heard a good one, Boyce," Huey stammered as he finished another tankard of Cahill. "It's rumored the Maroon and Gould's gonna play the Crimson if Jawn'll Lennon a few men. Just the same we'll Slater them and toss them into that bucket O'Brien."

"Their team being good is just a lot of Baleyko so as soon as their one and only determined spnrt Peters out, we'll Fitggerald and his gang good.

"I thing the B. C. Hoar'd better play with someone Morro her type. I don't Know if we Campbell the double shift this time and get away with it but the game will be the McCoy or I'll Boachetti in the face for making me go to the game," the old Sage added with a Burke, but before he litted another tankard he leaned over to Asnavourian if the socre wouldn't be Harvard 14  Boston College 7