Nineth Pucksters to Try for Positions on Hockey Team

Dick Mechem Will Lead Experienced Aggregation

Nineth skaters turned out from the various House last night to show that there is plenty of enthusiasm for a Crimson hockey team this year.

In view of such interest it remains only for the H. A. A. to declare that hockey still be sponsored by the Athletic Association before the pucksters will begin their nightly practices at the Skating Club. Coach Johny Chase will begin his second year with the Harvard team in an effort to put as good a team as played in the Arena last season.

Mechem Captain

Captain Dick Mechem, all-league defensemen last year, will lead the group of five Varsity veterans. The group includes Bill Harding, Jim Apthorp, Oz. Eliot, all wings, and goalie Gus Summers. There ae three regulars from last year's J. V. team, Milt Stearns, Wally Trumbull and Sandy Cunningham. It is also rumored that the V-12 unit has a former semi-pro players in its ranks.

In the group that turned out for the initial meeting there were 46 civilians an d44 navy men, a sufficient number to play the various prep school teams and be several college teams that have asked for contests with Harvard. Dartmouth with only a few of last year's regulars, Rondeau included, missing and Yale with only one of last season's veterans back have both asked for two games.

Mechem and Company are all members of the sextet that the Big Green 1 to 4 in the Boston Arena, won the Yale series and walked all over the teams from Army, Tech, Boston University, North-Eastern, and Tufts by scores that are better left unmentioned.

Main losses suffered by the Harvard skaters were in goalie Goody Harding, defensemen Johnny Paine and attackmen Caleb Loring and Mare Beebe, high scorers on last year's sextet.