Deacons Top March Bonds, Stamps Sales With $694.05

A new champion appeared on the scene in the heated bonds and stamps race when Kirkland House grabbed first place for the period from March 1 to April 5 with a total of $694.05, the War Service Committee announced last night.

Adams, hitherto the perennial winner, took the second position with $4448.60 worth of purchases, while Winthrop with sales of $368.30 nabbed the third slot. The rest of the results were as follows: Dunster, $229.65; Eliot, $207.30; Leverett, $172.95; and Lowell; $166.90. The per capita sale was approximately 1.29.

By far the biggest week of the period was that of March 29, which was officially designated as "Deanna Durbin Week" with an autographed picture and a personal letter for the highest purchaser. The per capita sale jumped from seven cents the previous week to almost 31 cents. This week the lucky winner receives the same prizes from Mary Martin and a big response from the College is being hoped for by the committee.