All Harvard Army Schools Unified


Centralized under the direction of Colonel William S. Wood, all military personnel assigned or attached to Harvard have been organized into a new command, "The Army Training Schools, Harvard University." Officers in charge of the various schools at the University will continue responsible for the operation of their respective commands.

A War Department order putting the senior line officer at civilian institutions in command of all Army men and schools there was issued in March, and subsequent steps were taken under its instructions. Colonel Wood is Professor of Military Science and Tactics, and head of the Field Artillery R.O.T.C. unit in the College, and assumes his new duties in addition to his present command.

According to the War, Department, the new commander will be in charge of "all matters pertaining to discipline, the coordination of programs, and the use of facilities, including messing and housing." He will also represent the War Department in contacts with University authorities.

General Order No. 1 of the Head-quarters, Army Training Schools, Harvard University, establishes the new office and groups the following schools and their personnel in the command:

1. The R.O.T.C.--Field Artillery and Quartermaster Units.

2. The Army Supply Officers Training School.

3. The Army Air Forces Statistical School.

4. The Army Chaplains School.

5. The Army Electronics Training School.

6. The Army Specialized Training School, when Inaugurated.

7. Miscellaneous Student Groups.

Of these the first five are regularly established units already in existence at Harvard. The Specialized Program had been expected to get start during the spring, and when it does move into operation will add a large number of men to the military personnel here, both in basic engineering and pre-medical courses. The last group listed includes any men assigned to the University for military training of any type such as Medical Corps or Engineers.

The order states that any officer assigned to Harvard as an instructor must report to the Comanding Officer in Shannon Hall, 60 Boylston Street, within 24 hours (Sundays excluded) of his arrival at his new station.

The authority of the Headquarters will extend only to those matters mentioned in the original War Department order--disc pline, coordination, use of facilities, and relations with the University and press. The senior officer of each of the schools listed above, now designated as "Officer in Charge," will continue to prescribe the training given at his own school, and will supervise the technical and professional training of his unit.

The arrangement is somewhat similar to that of the Naval schools here, under which both the undergraduate R.O.T.C. and specialized officer schools are under the command of Captain George N. Barker.

Decentralization Where Possible

The Officer in Charge of each individual Army school is authorized by the Commanding Officer to communicate directly with higher echelons of his specific activity except on matters relating to the subjects reserved for central authority and stated above. Decentralization to the various schools will be effected to the maximum degree possible.

Assuming command of the Army Training Schools, Colonel Wood stated in his Order that "it is mandatory that the training program at this station be conducted with the utmost smoothness and efficiency." To that end all men attached to the station "will promptly familiarize themselves with and conform to" customs and procedures of instruction, civilian administration, and social forms "to such a degree as to harmonize with and conform to the general environment and atmosphere within and about Harvard University.