Paradise and Sweetland Now Direct Naval School

A jaunty step across the yard to the microphone, a few well chosen sincere words, a smart salute to Lt. Commander Paradise as a final gesture to Harvard Naval Training School, and Commander MacGowan passed quickly out of the yard bound for duty afloat.

Call it sentimentalism or whatever you wish, but the hundreds of fellows here, especially the men in Companies "A" and "B" who have had the most contacts with the former Commanding Officer, will miss his kindly guidance and friendly manner. Discipline has had its place with him, but throughout there has remained the feeling of--well, if junior officers might so put it "he's just a swell fellow".

To the writer, there is something mighty inspiring in the knowledge that the Commander came out of retirement at the beginning of the war, to again serve his country as our Officer in Charge. It is the students' hope and prayer that he will have smooth sailing (as a Convey Commander), for as one of the fellows remarked, "Gee, I hope when my assignment comes through, I'll have a skipper like Commander MacGowan."