Many Clubs Renting Space to Army, Navy

With war hitting social organizations at Harvard, the Hasty Pudding Institute of 1776 is planning a complete conversion to war activities, turning over its facilities for an officer's club for the duration. The clubs transformed to war duty include Speakers', and Delphic, while almost all the others have close their restaurants.

Hasty Pudding has been opening its doors to members of the armed forces stationed here for the past year. Since last Fall it has been keeping its dining room upon mainly for the use of the officers at the Electronics School, both Army and Navy, although a few civilians still eat at the Holyoke Street Building.

Used for Smokers

In addition to this service, the Pudding auditorium has been used for about 50 Navy smokers in place of its own dramatic work which has been more or less in a state of suspension during the past year.

The final plans for the conversion to an officers club are not yet made, but a board made up of representative men from the various service schools will be the basis for this set-up. College students, headed by undergraduate president Thayer M. McKenzie '44, will still use the rooms, perhaps holding a few dances through the summer.

Among the other Harvard clubs, the two which have undergone the most change are Speaker's and Delphic, mentioned above. Speakers', a waiting club on Mt. Auburn street, although still opened for civilians, has become a housing establishment for Army and Navy Officers.

Delphic has become a true Army station with its rooms used for classes by the new school for Overseas Administration, made up of officers training for civil relations work.