Intramural Athletics To Include ASTP, V-12

Organization of a ten team intramural softball and volley ball league embracing the four platoons of the ASTP unit stationed in Leverett House, the three civilian Houses, the V-12 units, and Dudley was completed yesterday by Adolph W. Samborski, director of intramural athletics. First games in the new league are scheduled for tomorrow.

Operating within the new league will still be the Interhouse League and the ASTP Platoon League. Also announced yesterday by Samborski was the formation of a six team baseball league to include the three civilian Houses, Dudley, and Kirkland, and Eliot V-12ers. In the Interhouse League baseball game yesterday afternoon, Adams continued its winning streak, defeating Eliot 4-2. In softball the Bellboys whitewashed the Kirkland sailors 13-7. Platoon 1 in the ASTP softball league swamped Platoon 3 by a score of 10-2, while Platoon 2 registered an 11-4 defeat over Platoon 4.

Games scheduled for today: baseball--Lowell vs. Dudley; softball--Adams vs Kirkland; Dunster vs. Eliot. No volley ball games are scheduled for today