Denominational dinner meetings of chaplains attending the Twentieth Course of the U.S. Army Chaplain School have been announced as follows:

The Lutheran Chaplains of the Synodical Conference were guests of the Army and Navy Commission of the Lutheran Church Wednesday night at a dinner-conference in the Harvard Faculty Club. The Commission will be represented by the Reverend O. A. Sauer of Richmond, Virginia.

On the same evening the Chaplains' Commission of the congregational Church will entertain the Chaplains affiliated with the Congregational-Christian denomination and the Swedish Evangelical Mission Covenant at a dinner meeting at the Boston City Club, with Dr. Fred Fagley of

On Thursday evening, the Massachusetts Council of Churches entertained the Protestant Chaplains of all detain the Protestant chaplains of all denominations at a dinner in the First Congregational Church, Cambridge. The Rev. Dr. William B. Pugh addressed the chaplains on his recent global tour of the battle fronts as a representative of the General Commission on Army Navy Chaplains.

Three dinners are announced for Wednesday 19, January. The largest will be that given for the Roman Catholic chaplains at the Copley Plaza Hotel under the auspices of the Military Ordinary of New York. Archbishop Francis J. Spellman, Military Vicar, and Bishops John O'Hara, C. S. C., and William T. McCall C. SS. R., Military Delegates, will be present. The contingent of chaplains will be led by Chaplain William D. Clark, Commandant of the School.

The other two dinners scheduled for the same evenings are those for Chaplains of the Protestant Episcopal Churches and the Disciples of Christ. The former will be held at the Faculty Club with Bishop Henry K. Sherrill and Dean Henry Bradford Washburn of the Episcopal Church's Army and Navy Commission as hosts.

The Disciples Chaplains will be entertained at the Cock Horse Inn by Chaplain Ellwood C. Nance of the Chaplain School faculty.