During the absence of Lt. Comdr. Carl Knudsen, USNR (Ch. C), who is confined to Chelsea Naval Hospital, a group of local clergymen will take over his duties as Chaplain for the Navy Training Schools and V-12. They will be in Phillips Brooks House on the third floor from 4:30 to 6:30 o'clock on the days mentioned below. January 24, Rev. Prentiss L. Pemberton, Baptist; January 25, Rev. Frederick B. Kellogg, Episcopalian; January 26, Rev. Cecil H. Rose, Presbyterian; January 27, Rev. Leonard G. Clough, Congregational; January 28, Rev. D. J. Fitzpatrick, Roman Catholic; January 31, Rev. Hobart F. Goewey, Methodist; February 2, Rev. Irving R. Murray, Unitarian; February 3, Rev. Edmund A. Steimle, Lutheran; February 4, Judah J. Shapiro, Hillel Foundation.