Lowell in Front With $2800 For 6th War Loan Campaign

With one day remaining in the Sixth War Loan Drive, Harvard civilians have bought almost $4000 in bonds and stamps, according to reports yesterday from the War Service Committees of Adams and Lowell.

Alvin I. Reiff '47, directing the drive in Lowell House, announces that the Bell-boys sales have zoomed to $2500 in bonds and $300 in stamps in a last-week spurt. A breakdown of the sales shows that 85 percent of Lowell House has participated in the campaign.

Adams Tops $1000 Mark

The latest figures from Adams show $1050 in bond sales and $95 in stamps. Dan C. Cohen '45, director of the War Service Committee for the Gold Coasters, has, like the Lowell chairman, conducted the sales at the Dining Hall, without resorting to a room-to-room canvass or any other sales methods.

The figures indicated a 150 percent increase over the Fifth War Loan, which ended last July. House totals for the spring drive were just over $1600.

In an attempt to reach the $3000 mark, Lowell has extended its drive two days beyond the limit for the Sixth War Loan, and will carry on sales until Monday.