16 Phi Beta Kappa Members Elected

March Graduates Lead With 7 Elected; 5 Seniors Named

Officials of the Harvard Phi Beta Kappa Society today announced the election of 16 new members to the Undergraduate chapter. The group includes seven March graduates, five Seniors, and four Juniors. Six of these men are in Navy units.

The March graduates include: George C. Adams '44, of Charlotte, North Carolina and Lowell House; James E. Connor, Jr. '44, of New Haven, Connecticut and Lowell House; Peter Frank '44, of Cambridge; Henry R. Krakauer '44, of Paterson, New Jersey and Adams House; Kurt Lessen, of Cawnpore, India and Lowell House; Cornelius J. Peck '44, V-12, of Iron Mountain, Michigan; and Alan T. Wenzell '44, NROTC, of New York City.

Five Seniors Elected

The five Seniors who were elected were: Edward B. Burke '45, of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Lowell House; Willard T. Grubb, Jr. '45, of Springfield Illinois and Dunster House; James Heilbrun '45, V-12, of New York City; Kalman Novak '45, of Cambridge and Lowell House; and Louis E. Smart, Jr. '45, NROTC, of Columbus, Ohio.

The four Juniors were: Fred N. Fishman '46, of Brooklyn and Lowell House; Robert M. Hart '46, V-12, of Oklahoma City; John W. Little field '46, V-12, of Providence, Rhode Island; and Charles T. Noonan '45, of Ashland, Kentucky and Lowell House.

Minimum requirements for election to Phi Beta Kappa are, for graduating students, a total of 11 A's in 16 courses, and for Juniors a total of nine A's in 12 courses.

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