The Mail

To the Editor:

In your issue of April 14, 1944 you published a story on the postponement of the 1946 Harvard Album. Since I have never heard of plans for the publication of a 1946 Album, I was, for the moment, under the impression that the 1945 Album was being discontinued. In case other people have also made this mistake, I am taking this opportunity of bringing the present situation of the 1945 Album up to date.

The 1945 Album is definitely being published. Due to the long period of time necessary to print and bind it, it will not be ready for distribution till some time in July. All copies, unless otherwise requested, will be sent to the home addresses of the subscribers.

As for those who have nor already subscribed, there are still a very small number of copies unsubscribed for, which can be secured at 13 Shepard Hall or Lowell E-42. Gerald Maslon, Chairman.