Team Is After Third Victory In Only Out-of-State Game

In its only out-of-state appearance of a war-torn season, the Crimson Varsity baseball team treks to Providence tomorrow afternoon to face Brown University. The Stahlmen will be gunning for their third straight victory and a repetition of last year's 10 to '3 win over Brown.

Again on the mound for the Crimson will be right-hander Jack Wallace, of the V-12 Unit, seeking to make it three out of four for the season. Backing him up will be the same team which has started every game thus far this season.

At the same time, Chief "Crash" Davis will field is B team against an all-star team from the ASTP unit here. They will seek to make up for last week's 7-3 defeat administered by Andover Academy.

The probable starting lineup for the Crimson will see Sherman Clark, right-fielder and a member of last year's Varsity, leading off, followed by Bob Slattery at first base. Bob Chapple at second is next, with George Boston at center field in the clean-up spot.

Bill Lutz at third base, Bill Harding at catcher, Art Conlon in left field, Jack Falsey at shortstop, and pitcher Jack Wallace round off the batting order.