Game to Be Held Tomorrow Afternoon at Soldiers Field

With a record of three wins, a 3-all tie, and an opening defeat behind them, Harvard's rugby team coached by Syd Cabot is playing a team of the Royal Navy from Fargo Barracks tomorrow afternoon on Soldiers Field, starting at 2:45 o'clock. The following Saturday, May 27, Princeton is sending a rugby squad to Cambridge for the final game of the season.

Britain's Fleet Air Arm team from Squantum, originally scheduled to play here tomorrow, is unable to be here, and tomorrow's game is with the same team that Harvard last week defeated 17-0 in a game marked by more polish and experience than the ruggers have shown to date. Excellent team play and skillful passing contributed to the Crimson's crushing victory over the Britishers.

Coach Steve Ausnit of Dunster House stated, however, that the Englishmen will be a better team tomorrow with more practice behind them, and the game should be fast and open.

John Loos of Dunster House, high scorer for the season, will again play in his usual position of 3/4, with Gwyn Thomas of Adams House relieving Loos on part of the conversion kicking. Holcombe of the V-12, who played in his first game last Saturday as forward, has been placed in the backfield as left-wing, with Don Cummings also of the V-12, playing on his right.

The tentative Harvard lineup is as follows: Pritchard, f.b.; Holcombe, l.w.; Cummings, r.w.; 'Ausnit, 3/4; Loos, 3/4; Thomas, s.o.h.; Kear, s.h.; Worthington, f.; Wilson, f.; Kennedy, f.; Garfield, f.; Hodge, f.; Jessop, f.; Gross, f.; and Weisberg, f.