Government to Underwrite Education, Loans and Jobs

After only 27 minutes of debate the Senate passed the compromise GI Bill of Rights yesterday. The bill is likely to pass without debate in the House tomorrow in order that it may become law during the present session.

The bill has been considerably trimmed and altered since it originally went into committee, but most of its main features remain intact. As reported out of committee, the bill provides that veterans whose education has been interrupted by the war may receive grants up to $500 from the Veterans' Administration in order that their education may be continued. The veteran may also receive a $50 monthly subsistence allotment.

U. S. Loans to Veterans

Down payments on the purchase of a farm, home, or business will be loaned by the government, or can be obtained from private agencies. The government will guarantee 50 per cent on loans up to $4000 and up to $2000 on all loans over $4000.

Unemployment compensation would be provided entitling veterans to $20 per week for 52 weeks in the two years following discharge from active service. The U. S. Employment Service would week employment opportunities, and the Veterans' Administration will have the power to see that preference is given to veterans.