Style Revamped for 'Cliffe As Yard Etiquette Tightens

Once life was simple for the hardy 'Cliffe-dweller who ventured forth to the yard. No smoking on the steps of Widener was the order of the Day, every day, and that was that. But now that the old order has completely yielding, sterner measures seem appropriate as the "combined instructee" strives to become a more suitable members of the ivy-girded college family.

Slacks and shorts, not long ago a real menace, must go, says the students Government. And clothing is to be applied "mere fully". "Lounging too, is taboo, and dire tidings avail those who cannot resist the temptation to smear the face which should be all earn lectures.

Comment being unnecessary. The casual onlooker looks on at the glories of spreading civilization and marvels at the wonders of a Harvard education for the fairer sex, too.