Puritans Blank Dudley; Ready for Lowell Tilt

Winthrop gave Dudley its second trouncing in four days yesterday by a score of 22 to 0, leaving the Puritans confidently prepared for the Lowell tussle on Thursday.

After piling up three touchdowns in the early part of the game, the winners' superior blocking kept the commuters scoreless but trying until dark.

On the opening play, Winthrop moved the ball to the Dudley three-yard line. But a fumble set them back, and it was three plays before Weidhaas sliced off 15 yards for the score.

A 45-yard pass from Olsen to Eston gave the Puritans their second touchdown, and, after an exchange of kicks, Speare carried the pigskin all the way for the third.

Ulin drop-kicked the first and third conversions for the extra points, pulling the tally up to 20 at the half. A safety from the Dudley two-yard line in the second half finished the total.

Having been defeated 7 to 0 by Kirkland last Friday afternoon, the commuters remain despondently tied for the cellar spot with the Bellboys.