Lowell, Standish, and Co. B Lead in Basketball Tourney

Varsity, Jayvee Men Bolster Contestants

Marked by the return of many men from the Varsity and Jayvee teams, the current intramural basketball competition got under way last weekend in the Indoor Athletic Building with Lowell, Standish, and Company B copping the victories over scrappy Adams, NROTC Company 3A, and NROTC Companies 1 and 2.

On Thursday, Company B established itself as one of the strongest squads in the tourney with a 33 to 16 triumph over an Adams quintet strengthened by the return of Frank Rinaldi from the Jayvees.

Friday witnessed the return to the court of two giants of last term's activity when Standish and Lowell opened their separate drives for top honors. Both teams vindicated themselves, Standish defeating NROTC Company 3A, 46 to 29, and Lowell conquering NROTC Companies 1 and 2 by the score of 33 to 25.

Lowell entered its second victory into the books yesterday by nosing out Company 3A, 30 to 24. Company C, one of last term's leaders, will have one defeat against it when it swings into the race, having failed to show up yesterday for a scheduled encounter with Co.'s 1 and 2.