Bock Asks New Medical Center To Meet Modern Health Needs

Professor of Hygiene Cites Stillman's Age

Declaring that Stillman Infirmary and the Hygiene Building no longer offered adequate facilities for the care and prevention of illness, as they are regarded in the light of medical progress of the last fifty years, Dr. Arlie V. Bock, Henry K. Oliver, Professor of Hygiene, has called for the erection of a new medical center to combine and enlarge their functions.

"The building at 15 Holyoke Street is inadequate as to space," said Professor Bock's report. "The Stillman Infirmary, approximately one mile away, has completed forty-two years of service. Its original conception may have been fitted to the needs of 1900; but since its doors opened in 1902, medicine has undergone greater changes than was true of the preceding century."

Proposes Plot

As a site for the proposed new medical center, Dr. Bock has selected the plot of ground, now vacant, between Dunster and Holyoke Streets, bordering on Mt. Auburn Street. Here Dr. Bock would erect an eight or nine story building that would have, in addition to a 100 bed infirmary capacity, a large staff competent to "combine care of illness with study of its prevention, and carry on studies of the stuff of which man is made."

Dr. Bock has chosen this plot of land because of its accessibility to all the Houses and buildings of the University. "Unlike Stillman, which presents a great problem of inconvenience to patient and physician alike, the new building would be accessible to all.

"I know of no more worthy project in the University," declared Dr. Bock, "from whatever point of view the institution as a whole may regard the welfare of young men. I doubt if any donor of such a building could find a more rewarding use for the funds."