Glee Club Announces Casts For Production of 'Iolanthe'

James Tops One List; Breul Heads Another

With rehearsals now in the last stages before the performances of "Iolanthe," the Harvard Glee Club and the Radcliffe Choral Society last night announced the final castings for the operetta, which will be presented in Agassiz Theatre, on the evenings of May 17, 18, and 19, and on the afternoon of May 19.

Two different casts will perform in the operetta, playing alternate performances. One group, which will give the May 18 and the May 19 matinee performances, is headed by Hibbard G. James '45, of the faculty of the New England Conservatory of Music, as Lord Chancellor, Miss Betty Weichel, Radcliffe '46, as Phyllis, Wilfred M. Pickles '48, as Strephon, and Miss Augusta Gifford, Radcliffe '46, as Iolanthe.

The second cast, which will give the May 18 and 19 performances, is headed by Henry Bruel '47 as Lord Chancellor, Miss Helena Fenn, Radcliffe '47, as Phyllis, Jay J. Hughes '48 as Strephon, and Miss Martha Hopkins, Radcliffe '48, as lolanthe.

Music for the production, which will be staged by James, is under the direction of G. Wallace Woodworth '24, associate professor of Music and director of the Harvard Glee Club.