To twelve leading representatives of the worlds of science, letters, statesmanship, and naval strategy Harvard awarded honorary degrees this afternoon at Commencement exercises in Sever Quadrangle. The recipients, in the order in which the degrees were present, the citations read by President Conant, and biographical data, are:

Master of Arts: Leland Stowe, New York, foreign correspondent: "A correspondent on many fronts, a prophet who in 1933 told an unheeding world that Nazi means War."

Doctor of Science: Frederick V. Hunt, Associate Professor of Physics and Communication Engineering and Director of Harvard's Underwater Sound Laboratory: "Originator and able Chief of one of Harvard's large war laboratories; his ingenuity has served the Navy in its battles below the waves."

Doctor of Science: Frederick E. Terman, Director of the Radio Research Laboratory at Harvard; on leave as Executive Head of the Electrical Engineering Department at Stanford University: "A master of the mysterious science of radio communications, a Stanford professor on loan to Harvard; he directs a vast technical establishment created to devise secret Instruments of war."

Doctor of Science: Roger Adams '08, head of the Chemistry Department at the University of Illinois: "Famed as a teacher and investigator, the war leader of American chemists; both men and molecules react benignly as he plans."

Doctor of Science; Albert B. Hastings, Hamilton Kuhn Professor of Biological Chemistry at Harvard: "A professor of bio-chemistry wide in his interests, catalytic in his effects; one of the Harvard commuters to Washington where he guides wartime medical research."

Doctor of Science: Edwin J. Cohn, Professor of Biological Chemistry and head of the Department of Physical Chemistry at Harvard Medical school: "Resourceful and energetic driver of a scientific team: his years of fundamental study of the proteins now enable him to draw new materials from blood to aid the sick and wounded."

Doctor of Science: Alexander Fleming, Professor of Bacteriology in the University of London, St. Mary's Medical School; Hunterian Professor and Arriss and Gale Lecturer, Royal College of Surgeons: "A bacteriologist of Great Britain whose discovery of penicillin in 1928 was the first step in the working of a modern miracle."

Doctor of Laws: William L. Langer '15, Coolidge Professor of History at Harvard; Director of Research and Analysis Branch, Office of Strategic Services: "An historian whose talents now assist the Army and the Navy; through him we salute the many Harvard scholars who have contributed to the overthrow of the Nazi state."

Doctor of Laws: Bradley Dewey '08, former Rubber Director of the War Production Board: President of the Dewey and Almy Chemical Company in Cambridge: "A Cambridge industrialist whose Herculean labors in a federal office gave us the rubber on which we now roll to victory."

Doctor of Laws: Henry Bonnet French Ambassador to the United States: "The ambassador of a nation foremost for centuries in the arts and letters: we welcome the representative of a free and gallant people."

Doctor of Laws: Clarence D. Howe, Ottawa, Canadian Minister of Munitions and Supply: "A gifted son of New England, a loyal and effective citizen of Canada; an engineer who hurled munitions against Hitler long before we fired a shot."

Doctor of Laws: Ernest J. King, Admiral, U.S. Navy; Commander in Chief, U.S. Fleet: "A strategist unshaken by adversity, determined organizer of final victory; we honor his brilliant leadership of our navy and pay tribute to the fighting men whom he commands.