The Lucky Bag

The event of the week took place last Saturday when E. H. Busbice became the third in our company to take the fall step. With a background of exceptionally fine organ music (courtesy of Professor Sedore) and Buz's smile the ceremony progressed very nicely until the couple rode off in J. Bryan's clatterise. Herr Walter Blatt and friend performed very, very capably as first assistants to the principals and Bob Fish sat in the audience carefully taking notes. We join with Mr. Lindsay (whose kindness was evidenced on Monday) in wishing the couple a happy career at NSCS.

Speaking of such events we watch Mrs. Dye and Mrs. Busby dutifully watching for their husbands at the end of the pay line last week and wondered if they didn't bring some of the stark reality of married life home to those contemplating the step in June.

After making as fine a use of the publicity given him last week as could expected of any Business School making professor, Neale Gow promises that he will definitely bring the pictures to the dance on Saturday so that all who have bought a ticket can see them. Sales of the tickets so far indicate that the elite of the junior class and probably of the professional staff will be there, so all class members are advised to take advantage of this opportunity to rub elbows. If appeals to class spirit, etc, are of avail, one last appeal can be made attendance as a reward to the anonymity author of those official "notices" show the dance. It is rumored that after the publicity given him in Tuesday's notice Lt. Lindsay has been searching for the unknown author with his loaded DO's in hand.