Pre-Game Interest Crowds Yale Bout to Boston Arena

Fire Bugaboo, Local Angle Inspire Move

Harvard's high-ranking (second in New England), Gray-starring basketball Varsity will face Yale January 16 as previously announced--but the game will be played in the Boston Arena, not in the Indoor Athletic Building.

Three major reasons for playing the game in the Arena were offered by Bill Bingham yesterday in disclosing the change of location.

First is the local interest angle: Harvard has the snappiest team Crimson fans have seen in many years, and there will be plenty of Harvard rooters looking for retribution after the December 1 loss. The other element in the local interest angle is the fact that the Eli's Tony Lavelli, who scored 21 points against Dartmouth and whose four-game scoring average is 22, hails from Somerville.

With all that interest, the Indoor gym's 1600 seating limit, imposed by the after-effects of the Cocoanut Grove fire, would be small potatoes. The Arena holds 7,200.

Bingham's third reason is connected with the second: when the Bulldogs played Dartmouth two weeks ago, one section of the Yalies' temporary stands collapsed. Harvard uses the same kind of stands, and the overcrowding that would have to be expected January 16 might lead to dangerous consequences.

Unusually early for a Yale climax, the game was stuck into the schedule in the only spot that could be found. It follows the toughest game on the Harvard schedule Holy Cross.

The game will be played under Harvard auspices, with the H.A.A. selecting the officials and taking a percentage cut on the gate.

Carroll F. Getchell of the H.A.A. last night announced special student ticket rates for the Yale game. The regular $2, $1.50, $1 price range will be halved and, with taxes added, will make the student scale $1.40, $1.05, and $.70. The usual one-to-a-man rule will apply on the special tickets.