Morning Reveille Gets Only Apples, Moans in Tigertown

Lying asleep, dreaming sweet dreams of a forthcoming triumph in the afternoon, 300 loyal sons of old Nassau were awakened smartly at 7:30 o'clock Saturday morning by the strains of reveille and Harvardiana pouring sweetly and melodiously over the Tigertown campus.

Perpertrators of this matidulinal outrage were some 30 members of the Harvard Band. No encores and fewer huzzas were accorded this unscheduled serenade, while a few of the more energetic Princetonians sought to end it by throwing whatever came to hand--shiny red apples in most cases--at the musicians. Aim was generally poor, however, and casualties incurred were negligible, according to prelimary reports, while a universally unsettling effect on the Orange and Black was observed.