Bang That Ball, Brother, or How to Run a Hockey-Shoppe

Smarting over since his defeat on the Charles to the strokes of the 'Cliffe crewmen, the Harvard Male has been thirsting to assert his traditional superiority . . . in something. Yesterday an intrepid group of Bellboys shouldered the responsibility for vindicating College honor, and engaged a formidable aggregation of Amazonian field-hockeyers on the Browne and Nichols gridiron, with scattered support from Wellesley and some finishing school ringers.

A breakdown of the statistics of the game show the Crimson gained 200 yards and one date with a Wellesleyite rushing. The passing attack of the junior misses failed in the heat, and the scoring laurels clearly went to a collection of non-collegiate rooters who stole the applejack in the water bucket early in the last period.