Radcliffe, Class of '50 Meet Again at Brooks

Volume 34, number two of the annual Harvard-Radcliffe Freshman teas filled Phillips Brooks House to capacity with several hundred wide-eyed undergraduates yesterday afternoon, and Wellesley had better look to its laurels if the enthusiastic response accorded the 'Cliffe contingent is a reliable sign.

Annual turnover at the PBH has always been low, and yesterday's installment was no exception. The usual generous sprinkling of upperclassmen--about 85 percent--included many hardened veterans of the annual clambakes, but the smiles were rather less cynical than usual.

One more edition of the three-ring circus will be run off tomorrow afternoon. Official welcome signs are out for all men from M to Z, through formalities have never been too rigidly observed by the social arbiters at Brooks House.