No Tickee, No Shirtee

All is not academic in Cambridge these Autumn days. With many students of voting age for the first time in University history, gov. lectures and ordinary bull sessions can find practical application in the polling booths on November 2. This year's electorate has a novel newcomer, the student-voter, who can base his choice upon a maximum of principle and a minimum of self-interest. The important reasons for voting are obvious to all, and newspaper and radio should provide the information necessary for the intelligent voter to decide which levers to pull on election day.

Of more immediate concern, however, is the problem of registration. With the deadline for registering approaching rapidly in most states, the would-be-voter had better find out and sign up quickly. Registration information can be readily obtained by writing home or by contacting the AVC table in front of Widener. Massachusetts voters must register by October 16, and those of New York by the end of this week.

With important elections scattered throughout most eastern states, those whose homes are within convenient distance of Cambridge, should make an effort to record their choices, for this year, certainly, intelligent voting is at a premium.