Council Set Up for Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Wild Announces Formation of Experimental Body of 20 to Adjust Complaints, Problems

Moving to provide graduate students with a method of solving some of their problems, Payson S. Wild, dean of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, disclosed yesterday afternoon that a Graduate Council, comprised of 15 Harvard and five Radcliffe students, had been established.

He characterized the new body as "experimental" and "without precedent," so far as he knew in this country. At the request of the Council Dean Wild named Gerald Holton 4G, resident tutor in Winthrop House, to be temporary chairman of the group.

The new group will be in touch with the Student Council here, according to Dean Wild, and Student Council President Levin H. Campbell '48 promised "full cooperation" last night.

With its membership appointed by the offices of Dean Wild and Bernice C. Cronkhite, dean of the Radcliffe Graduate School, the new Council met in preliminary session to set basic objectives earlier this week, and will hold the first of its weekly meetings Monday evening.

Three Committees Planned

According to Dean Wild, the new Council will be divided roughly into three committees, which would handle problems connected with the social life of the graduates, sound out graduate opinion and provide a channel for grievances or complaints, and work on educational problems peculiar to the graduate.

Although there will be no faculty advisor, Dean Wild stated that the group would work in close consultation with himself, Dean Cronkhite, and George W. Adams, secretary of the Graduate School.

He added that he did not expect the new project to become a "major task of the graduate students, who are working for degrees and who do not have the same amount of time for extra-curricular activities as do the undergraduates," and called the experiment an attempt to find a balance between nothing and over-organization.