Recesses But No Reforms

After starting down the merry way to constitutional reform with much fanfare and high hopes of releasing drafts of a proposed constitution within five or six weeks, the Council Constitutional Committee now appears to be bogged down in a mire compounded of organizational difficulties and November hour exams.

No meetings have been held since October 21 and none are scheduled until next Tuesday or Wednesday. In six formal gatherings of the Committee thus far, the only definite decision reached involved Freshman representation on the Council (they are to be excluded), while on the two major issues--those of House vs. class representation and, more particularly, the thorny elective vs. appointive problem--the lines drawn up remain approximately what they were when the shooting stopped early this term.

In explanation, the chairman of the Committee has stated that matters have developed so that work on the final draft or drafts (two versions of disputed issues may be presented to the students for final decision) will begin soon. But not many meeting days remain before the five or six week deadline is reached. It is time the highly-regarded Student Council Constitutional Committee began to display the fruits of its labor.