Experts Will Explain Future Prospects and Purposes of UNESCO

"UNESCO and International Cooperation" will be the topic of a five man panel discussion featuring professors and graduate students from M.I.T. and the University in Emerson D tonight at 8 o'clock. The meeting is under the sponsorship of the American Association of Scientific Workers.

Harlow Shapley, Paine professor of Practical Astronomy who is currently involved in a legal fight with the Wood-Rankin Un-American Activities Committee, will preside over the meeting of experts who will explain the various aspects of this experimental branch of the United Nations which has the ambitious title of United Nations Economic, Social, and Cultural Organization.

From the University faculty, Dr. Leon Brillouin, atomic physicist and visiting lecturer, and Bart J. Bok, associate professor of Astronomy, will explain the purposes of the organization and how it can cement relations between Europe and the rest of the world. Joining Brillouin on the European problems in particular will be Dr. Karl Deutsch of M.I.T.

Two representatives of the East, Dr. Pei-Moo Ku, of the M.I.T. aeronautics department, and S. Mukherji of Calcutta, who is studying food technology at the Institute, will add further to the cosmopolitan nature of the gathering in discussing UNESCO's value to the Orient.